This site is located in Milpitas, which is one of the fastest growing cities in Silicon Valley and is home to a diverse and growing resident population.

The VISION for the Innovation District is to become a new center for innovation and applied technology in Silicon Valley. It is to create an iconic building to draw growth and popularity to the area that is consistent with the city’s vision. We aim to create an affordable residential, commercial, and transit area that would support the community and invite outsiders to contribute to the local economy.

This site which is home to 3 different transit types and the main connector for those in the area is the perfect location to implement this mission and move the city forward. This future innovation district of Silicon Valley provides an opportunity to transform the Specific Plan Area into a vibrant regional, national, and global hub of transition and activity.

This project is a mixed-use building that incorporates Residential, Retail, R&D Dry Lab Offices, and a Community Transit Center. It is providing a plethora of community engagement features that will be a good fit for the neighborhood. The Bus Transit Center is a place for the community as well as engagement from outsiders to take advantage of the multiple activities that will take place. It is an area next to the courtyard with a green roof that could be opened up and used for city meetings and events, as well as many forms of revenue activity through local artists and groups that would be able to provide shows, arts & crafts, and get togethers.

The design implemented the need for large green roofs, a courtyard, and outdoor activities throughout the building. This idea also brought on the need for a green wall and a catwalk around the buildings to enjoy the wall and outdoor space. Furthermore, to add this idea to an office setting, a transition area was created to provide a rentable outdoor breezeway for outdoor workspace. This outdoor work area on multiple levels creates a better work performance from employees for their comfort and health well being. These types of spaces have been proven beneficial to overall work performance.


The project opens to the north to receive year long indirect sunlight, to orient the office next to the busy intersection, and to create a podium over the bus parking area that can open to the courtyard. This keeps the residential areas away from the freeway, it blocks the noise levels from the residential program, creates the ability for more building area with the podium, and creates an opportunity to have a courtyard. Another design feature was the introduction of digital billboard space on the building itself. This generates rotations on the building according to viewing angles from the VTA light rail, Montague Expressway, and Capitol Avenue.

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