Workforce Housing

Workforce housing will be housing for the 80% of the west side population that makes less than $20,000/yr.  The median age in the area is 31 and the existing housing square footage is 930.

Workforce housing needs to incorporate an affordable rent and mortgage, have affordable utilities that can include sustainability and correct orientation to the sun and winds.  This community incorporates “Shift” which helps having less parking by using shared vehicles.

A good neighborhood incorporates having outdoor space, private living spaces, and numerous other factors that support community integration. When incorporating these things into our site we came up with a design that incorporates all these things for comfortable workforce housing.

The housing has a total of 108 units on 5.4 acres with all the appropriate amenities.  It is built affordable with type 2 construction from mainly concrete. For extra shading or privacy, movable mesh is used on the balconies.  The units use solar hot water for extra sustainability.

Above the parking are sits the PV panels to provide energy to the site and shade for the automobiles.  The housing sits between housing and retail space and follows existing road patterns.

The questions I might ponder is how to make affordable design more aesthetic and how may I apply more sustainable strategies in a desert environment?

final bedroom1 perspective2 final1 LOOK AT WORK1 SITE1 POOL1 SUSTAIN1site plan2 copy

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