Gathering data at the Linq for the CIR

Since my last post, I have visited The Linq many times and sometimes twice in one day. In our Community Integrated Resorts (CIR) research, I have the task of gathering the number of visitors that come within 20 minute increments and also the amount of visitors that enter businesses. I have gone to The Linq during the day and night and observed the demographics of age, ethnicity, and genders that visit. Our team has decided that we will focus on three main points that we believe could make a CIR successful which is the physical, programming, and sensory. I am focusing on the programming and how the data that I have gathered can be analyzed and useful in the CIR project. The question that I am looking at is how does design influence different age groups, genders, and ethnicity in Las Vegas and how it can be applied to the CIR project.

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